And he is not even US President yet

Keskiviikko 25.11.2020 klo 14:19 - Mikko Nikinmaa

Despite the fact that Trump tried to steal the presidential election (what else can one say, when he got 6 million votes less than Biden, and has not accepted defeat – claiming fraud without any evidence), President-elect Biden has gone forward with his transition team.

What he has done so far indicates that we are changing from environment-hostile to environment-friendly government in USA. It is quite clear that climate change is an important focus of government. This is shown by the appointment of a climate envoy, John Kerry, in the government. It is notable that as a State Secretary John Kerry signed the Paris Climate Accord. It appears that the Biden government has already realized that it cannot continue the “living in the past”-mode of USA, since it would also mean that the competitive edge of American industry decreases. Even the car industry has started to realize this. General Motors reversed its position in the Federal (Trump) Government vs. California court case, where the government says that California may not impose stricter environmental standards for exhaust fumes than are the legislation elsewhere in USA.

These positive changes have happened already, before Biden administration has started. So, one can have high hopes that in the next four years USA resumes its standing as one of the nations trying to be forward-looking in environmental questions.

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