Trump's budget proposal and the environment - time to cry

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Perjantai 17.3.2017 klo 10:14 - Mikko Nikinmaa

The White House indicated that not a cent would be spent to actions against climate change. It would just be a waste of voters' money. The anti-environment attitude was seen in the budget proposal also otherwise with more than 30 % cuts in the budget of Environmental Protection Agency. The planned cuts would make USA a backward country with regard to environment - the attitudes of leaders in China and even India are far more modern. If Trump budget cuts in environmental actions are carried out, and if the environmental attitudes of the White House become more widespread among American leaders, I pity the young people and children who must live with increasing pollution - the backward situation will not affect only USA but also rest of the world. In 1960's, which appears to be President Trump's "golden age", there was a lot of environment to pollute. Unfortunately, this is not the case any more - sustainable future requires that environment is included in every economic decision. Our children can ask that of us.

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