Declines in bird and butterfly populations

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Keskiviikko 12.4.2017 klo 10:07 - Mikko Nikinmaa

In British Isles bird and butterfly populations have been carefully monitored probably for the longest time in the world. Thus, the observations made there are probably significant for the rest of the world. Recently the estimations of bird and butterfly populations from Britain have come out and they are frightening. About a quarter of bird species have been placed in more vulnerable categories in the red list than after previous estimations. The species in decline are surprisingly often the non-conspicuous ones, whereas notable species with population increase include for example golden eagle. More than half of British butterfly populations have declined since 1970's. The single most important reason of declines of populations in both animal groups has been suggested to be climate change which also has resulted in a change in land use. 

Avainsanat: red list, climate change, extinctions

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