California shows that environmental actions are better than their lack

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Tiistai 12.11.2019 klo 19:42 - Mikko Nikinmaa

Throughout the 20th century California was the centre of film, tv and entertainment business. However, in my mind the state became front-running in the world with “If you’re going to San Francisco”. In late 1960’s and throughout 1970’s California was faced with a major environmental problem, smog, which was caused by the exhaust fumes of cars. Also, the lead concentration on roadsides had increased to toxic levels. To remedy these problems cars were required to use unleaded fuel and catalytic converters were installed in new cars. The rest of USA and Europe followed California in this major environmental step. As a result, poor air quality is not seen in California, but is a HUGE problem in India.

After 1970’s California has always introduced environmental IMG_20170727_0036.jpglegislation first, and has been quite successful. Everything proceeded nicely, California took the lead in environmental actions, and other states and nations followed. The development came to the end, as many other steps forward, with the present Trump government. He has demanded that California must stop enacting the environmental regulations, because “they hurt the economy”. However, this is not true. The economic growth in California has been pronounced at the same time that the use of fossil fuels has decreased (although one should be able to stop the growth-based economical thinking).

One can easily understand, why Californians see the need for climate actions. Because of the drought and high temperatures, most likely caused by climate change, grave wildfires have become a yearly phenomenon in California, just as in Australia, parts of Africa and Southwestern Europe. Naturally Trump government denies any connection, and only says to concerned Californians: “Stop whining.”

Yet, since California has clearly shown that environmental actions can be more economically profitable than reducing environmental requirements and stopping climate actions, Californians and the rest of the world could say to Trump: “Stop lying. Environmental actions don't ruin the country, your policies do.”   

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