"It is getting cooler" - yes, winter is coming in Northern Hemisphere

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Perjantai 18.9.2020 klo 14.05

The Climate Change Denialist-in-Chief visited California’s wildfire-ravaged region a couple of days ago. Naturally the wildfires are not caused by climate change, but poor forest management by Democrats. And like Covid-19 the problem will just disappear, since it is getting cooler. It is true that if forests were cleaned from all the dry twigs, branches and leaves, the fires would be less drastic than they are now, but the ultimate reason would still be climate change-associated temperature increase and drought. Wildfires have always been part of the Californian forest ecosystems. For example, the seeds of mighty redwood trees only germinate after forest fire. However, the recent increase in the frequency of wildfires

IMG_20170727_0009_NEW.jpgcan only be explained by the general temperature increase and reduction of precipitation.

The winter is coming in Northern Hemisphere, so it will certainly get cooler in American West. However, I am afraid that we will hear news about wildfires in Southern Hemisphere, notably Australia. In addition to wildfires, it is only in the middle of hurricane season, and one is starting to reach the end of alphabets in naming hurricanes. The generation of hurricanes speeds up with rising oceanic temperatures, so their increased occurrence is another indication of climate change. Similarly, the frequency of heavy rains and floods all around the world has increased, not least in USA. Fires, hurricanes and floods destroy suburban houses in much greater certainty than the looters and rioters, which are said to ruin the suburban dream by the Climate Change Denialist-in-Chief (also, unfortunately, the president of USA).

So, if suburban lifestyle is an issue in USA presidential election, four more years of Trump destroys it quite certainly.

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