Geological Hydrogen - a Plentiful Green Energy Source?

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Sunnuntai 4.2.2024 klo 19.36 - Mikko Nikinmaa

Much has been talked about hydrogen becoming an important energy source, replacing oil and coal. The possibility has recently been hyped more, as geological hydrogen sources have been found. Their size and possibility to extract them is, as yet, not clear, but in the best case they present a green energy source, which is adequate for all the transport needs that are presently fuelled by oil products. It is further possible that geological hydrogen is replenished in underground processes continuously. If this is the case, once a good hydrogen well is found, it will never run dry.

Also, the places, where hydrogen so far has been found to seep to atmosphere, occur throughout the world. It appears that water and suitable rock are required. Thus, it may be that the sites, where successful hydrogen prospecting can occur are completely different from oil or coal fields. However, at present stage geological hydrogen is only a future promise. Solid knowledge is needed before it can be evaluated, if it is the eternal energy source of tomorrow.

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