Methane Restrictions Should Not Be Relaxed

Tiistai 11.8.2020 klo 16:40 - Mikko Nikinmaa

Fact 1. Methane is much stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, maybe about 20 times stronger.

Fact 2. The atmospheric methane concentration has recently increased much more than expected on the basis of known release.

These facts together require that the methane release should be curbed as much as possible if we want to fight climate change. Against this requirement the forthcoming action of Trump government is among the most irresponsible ones that have been done. It can be compared with the suggestion that maybe one should drink bleach to get rid of coronavirus infection. The US EPA is going to relax restrictions of methane release of oil companies. The present US government says that it is functioning in the interests of American economy, but all its actions only favour companies, which have not developed and tried to find new avenues. Going back to 1960’s is hardly in the interests of any kind of economy.

As a worst outcome you may see the end of modern civilization with billions in your bank account, if you agree with Trump’s actions.

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Climate change - why seas matter

Keskiviikko 25.7.2018 klo 16:37 - Mikko Nikinmaa

Compared to the terrestrial environment the seas contain fifty times more carbon dioxide. Further, about half of all photosynthetic carbon dioxide removal is done by oceanic organisms, mainly phytoplankton, which partly remove carbon from circulation, when they sink to seabottom after dying.

An increasing temperature decreases the solubility of carbon dioxide and ocean acidification means that the equilibrium between carbon dioxide, bicarbonate and carbonate is driven towarIMG_20170727_0010_edited_101412.jpgds carbon dioxide. Further, the pollution of the seas has resulted in reduced  photosynthesis despite eutrophication in some areas.

The net result of the above is that liberation of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, from the seas to the atmosphere increases simultaneously as its photosynthetic fixation decreases. Furthermore, the marine environment enters vicious circle: the higher the temperature and lower pH, the more carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere and causes further temperature increase.

The well-being of the seas thus matters - also in mitigating climate change.

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