Ban Fireworks

Sunnuntai 30.12.2018 klo 9:21 - Mikko Nikinmaa

It is again time that billions of euros are burned. Thrown away in skies to have fine fireworks. There is probably no more unnecessary consumption than fireworks in new year's eve. One could compare it to lighting up and burning money - except that burning money as such would be much less harmful than fireworks. All the colours that the fireworks give out are the colours of burning metal ions - and many metal ions are quite poisonous. In fact, many people who complain about metal pollution from mines are ready to pollute their imIlotulitus.jpgmediate surroundings with poisonous metals.In adddition to the poisonous metals themselves, the empty firework trash fills the surroundings.

Then the noise. We had a dog, whom it was impossible to get out between the time that shooting fireworks starts and the time it finished. At home it always  tried to find a place, where there was least noise. It is quite common that dogs and other pets are really scared of the noide. In the media there are every year columns giving advice to people with fireworks-scared pets. Avoiding this problem would be simple. Ban fireworks. 

In addition to causing metal and noise pollution and trash, accidents with fireworks cause a high amount of medical cost with some peopple becoming permanently blind. Further, sustainability can only be reached, if unnecessary consumption is stopped. And if anything, shooting fireworks is unnecessary consumption. Since there are several negative points, and only one supporting one - fireworks look pretty, they should be banned. In Finland, people's petition at has reached an adequate number of signatures so that the fireworks ban must be taken up in the parliament. I hope it is successful

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Mass suicides of whales?

Keskiviikko 15.2.2017 klo 20:23 - Mikko Nikinmaa

There were several hundred whales stranded in New Zealand. Because whales are not dumb they could easily avoid being stranded. The only thing it would require is to start swimming to the opposite direction, when the water gets shallow. But the whales decide not to do it. Instead they continue to go to the beach, where they know that they cannot avoid heating up and soon dying. This makes it a purposeful act of suicide.

Why would whales decide to commit mass suicide? There is a simple reason for that - noise pollution. The propellers of the millions of boats and ships transfer the engine noise to water where it travels hundreds of kilometers. The noise under water is about the same amplitude as that well heard by whales, and is making their head burst. Rather than letting that to go on for days, months and years, they end it by stranding...

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